About us

Thornton Facilities ManagementĀ brings unrivalled experience and expertise in facilities management provision. We’re supremely placed to deliver a range of quality-assured services, each geared to the efficient management of our clients’ buildings and facilities.

Running a business park, centre or building brings a long list of duties and responsibilities. Keeping pace with legislation, requests from tenants and the pressures of maintaining health and safety are challenges for even the most competent businesses. It’s across these complex-but-essential areas that our facilities management services make a significant difference.

Depth of service

Efficiently operating a facility requires a service provider capable of standing up to the job.

Thornton Facilities Management’s seven specialist services meet the needs of facilities operators:

Our range of clients

Matching our varied services is a client base drawn from diverse sectors including energy, engineering services and manufacturing, as well as from government agencies and local authorities. Whatever their size or sector, each of our clients benefits from the same high level of service, attention and delivery. Our clients include major international businesses such as Victrex, Vinnolit, AGC and Addisons.

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